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Our handmade gifts under $20

Need a unique gift for a foodie or Stranger Things fan this holiday season? Look no further! Here are our top 10 products that our fans love to gift to their loved ones!

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#1. Pan Dulce Snow Globe Pen

Since day 1, these unique, handmade pens have been hard to keep in stock! The tiny pan dulce mixed with glow-in-the-dark glitter makes this an easy fidget toy while still providing smooth ink to write with. Is your pen-pal not a pan dulce fan? No worries, we offer this pen in avocados and evil eye (ojo Turco).

#2. Heart Taco Platter Keychain

This handmade order of tacos comes in your choice of al pastor or bistec/asada. The red heart-shaped platter stands amongst any other keychain! All platters come with salsa and limes! You can even add the phrase "Taquero Mucho" or "Tacos before vatos" for all those ladies who do not need a man to rule the world!

#3. Loteria with Bead Badge Reel

Anyone who is a fan of the famous Mexican Loteria understands that the traditional way of playing is with raw beans. Give your loved one a laugh with this Loteria card and bean badge reel! We've seen this given to teachers and medical professionals alike! It's a big hit!

#4. Beer with Lime Earrings

If you know someone who loves beer and large earrings, then this is the perfect gift for them! Besides offering these earrings in stainless steel posts, we also offer them in hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver posts and even clip-on earrings for those who do not have their ears pierced!

#5. Eddie Munson Inspired Keychain (Stranger Things Collection)

We've made a few items that are stranger things inspired, such as our (most popular) Eddie Munson Inspired Keychain! This keychain comes with a guitar inspired by his own and the HELLFIRE club logo! ANY die-hard fan will love this keychain as a gift this holiday season!

#6. Max Mayfield Cassette Inspired Earrings (Stranger Things Collection)

These beautiful earrings are inspired by the brave Max Mayfield from Stranger Things. The cassettes have the song "Running Up That Hill" by Kate Bush on them. These earrings are a great gift for someone who loves Max.

#7. Tacos on Mexican Plate with Coke Badge Reel

Another one of our most popular badge reels is this taco plate that is modeled after the traditional Mexican platos de barro (ceramic plates). This badge can be worn by anyone in any field as long as they love tacos! Each badge reel comes with 5 tacos with two salsas, limes, cilantro, onions, and a coke. The al pastor tacos come with pineapple in the tacos & rebano slices (radish) too. These retractable badge reels swivel and come with alligator clips.

#8. Pan Dulce (Concha) Earrings

Since 2015 these cute conchas have always been a big hit. This pan dulce is a staple in any Mexican panaderia. It is also the one that everyone in every generation knows and enjoys eating with hot chocolate or cafesito. Our conchitas come in various colors, such as pink, white, yellow, and brown. We even have other non-traditional colors, such as unicorn mix, a rainbow, and pastel rainbow. You can order these with standard stainless steel earring posts or 925 sterling silver earring posts. We even offer these in clip-on and plugs/gauges.

#9. Charm Pen

These charm pens are refillable. They come with our handmade charms and other beads. Choose from you favorite mix like takis, hot cheetos, pan dulce, stranger things, or even our dia de los muertos star wars themed charms. Some beads even glow in the dark. Once you are done with the pen, you can actually use the charms to make bracelets or necklaces. You can even exchange them for other beads you might have at home.

#10. Paleta Payaso Phone Grip

We did our best to mimic the authentic candy by not only making the face slightly uneven (the goofy way it comes out of the package) but also making the gumdrop face look like it has real sugar. Trust us when we say that they will enthusiastically comment on the realistic-looking face! Our phone grips are original PopSocket brand with our 3D artwork on them. We even keep them on the original packaging so that you can see they are 100% authentic. Because they are authentic, they come with a swappable feature and will last a long time on your phone! Some of our 3D designs even allow for wireless charging to work.

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