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Here are other places you can purchase our artisanal brand items.

Local Pop Ups at Markets & Festivals

We will post on our Instagram, Facebook, and our Local Pop-Up Calendar tab where we have booked a pop-up. Most are located in the Rio Grande Valley / South Texas. Cities where we usually attend events are Edinburg, McAllen, Corpus Christi, and Mission.


Faire Wholesale for Retail

Own a brick & mortar retail store/ business? Want to include our brand of handmade accessories in your store? Email us at to see if you qualify as a retailer for our brand on Faire Wholesale, or check out our shop directly by using our link.


WE DO NOT SELL WHITE-LABEL OR PRIVATE-LABEL PRODUCTS; ALL PRODUCTS ARE MEANT TO BE SOLD WITH OUR BRAND LABEL. Please read the retailer terms on Faire Wholesale before you sign up. Retailers not compliant with Faire Wholesale retailer terms will be flagged and barred from conducting business with us and carrying our products.


Retail & Gift Shops, Boutiques, & Other Small Businesses 

Here is a list of shops that carry our artisanal brand. Please remember that these small businesses/ gift shops will not carry all of our work but a few select pieces. Depending on the specialty, each shop may change its inventory throughout the season. You can contact them directly via their social media or e-commerce site to ask what items they have stocked from our brand, Iba Sisters.

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